Our Newest Product is

for the Newest Folks!

The Formula 1-sie is made of slate-hued 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey. Note that the color is a cool shade of gray - it is truer in the actual photos above of a 4-month old and a 1.5-year old.

It comes in the following sizes: Newborn; 3-6 months; 6-12 months; 12-18 months.
Size 18-24 months is available upon special request.
Unlike the Formula 1 of international car racing, we don't encourage racing through parenthood. Thus we are happy to reward breastfeeding until age 2 with a special order without any special order charges.
And if you nurse even longer than that (as we did), we can make you a toddler T-shirt.  And a matchng one for yourself.  

The price of the Formula 1-sie is $30.  Domestic shipping is a flat $7 no matter how many you order.  California residents must add sales tax.

To place an order or for any questions, email info@SBCrafts.net or leave a message at (805) 967-2270 or text (805) 680-9950.  (Emailing is best.) If you're in a rush and you have a PayPal account, you can send the payment to paypal@sbcrafts.net; if you don't, we can invoice you.

About the formulas: Many mathematical formulas are named after Leonhard Euler, an18th-century Swiss mathematician. Our first is known simply as Euler's Formula. By setting x = π and rearranging the terms, the even-more-famous, beautiful Euler's Identity is obtained: e + 1 = 0.
Our second is called Euler's Polyhedral Formula - the font is a hint.
And our third is, we hope, universally known to non-mathematicians - it's the Quadratic Formula memorized by almost all high school students.