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Unique Chanukah Towel Kit

Create a useful family heirloom!

Each night of Chanukah, add one more candle to the menorah it takes only about 15 minutes a night. Even very young children can take turns choosing the next color and doing the straightforward candle stitching themselves. The flames, of course, should be left to adults or older kids. :-)

By the end of Chanukah, you'll have a beautiful, decorative hand towel, with a unique personal design, to be treasured and used every year.

Why do we say unique? With 10 different candle colors and 8 different candle positions, there are 10P8 possible variations - which is over 1.8 million - and we haven't sold that many of these kits. :-)

Note that this kit can be given as a gift in different ways. If you are a more experienced cross-stitcher than the recipient, you can stitch the chanukiah (the Chanukah menorah) and maybe also the shamas (the center candle) before presenting it.

The towel itself is a cute 11"x18" cotton velour hand towel, and comes in your choice of deep blue or snow white.

Kit includes towel, palette of DMC embroidery threads, tapestry needle, patterns, and instructions. $25

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Hand-Washing Towel Kit

This kit is for more advanced cross-stitchers, as well as more advanced practitioners of Jewish rituals.:-)

The towel is for ritual hand-washing. Since the hand-washing blessing is typically said while drying one's hands, it is particularly useful that the final words of the blessing are stitched on the towel in Hebrew.

The design features a ritual two-handled cup with the drops of water spilling out of it turning into the Hebrew letter yud, wherever it appears in the blessing. (Note that, unlike in the picture, all the drops and yuds are the same color.)

Kit includes 15"x18" hemmed white huck towel, DMC embroidery threads, pattern and instructions. $25

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Challah Cover Kit

The design features challah (braided bread), Shabbat candles, and a border of grapes & grape leaves. Photo not yet available.

Kit includes 18"x18" fringed cross-stitch fabric, DMC embroidery threads, pattern and instructions. $25

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Kohelet Clock Kit

Since we design and make CLOCKS as well as cross-stitch kits, our cross-stitched clock kit is b'sheret!

Thanks to Pete Seeger, one of the best-known biblical verses is one about time, proclaiming "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven". It's followed by several examples, one of which we put on this clock. "A time to rend [which means to rip apart] and a time to sew" can refer to death and marriage, but we interpret them more literally here, making this a perfect clock for a sewing room.

Kit includes cross-stitch fabric, DMC embroidery threads, hoop frame, clock movement,
clock hands, instructions and pattern. $54. The pattern is also available separately for $18.

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The Torah Diet Magnet

Put this magnet on your refrigerator to inspire you to eat more healthily. Visitors often don't even read it because the font fools them into thinking it's written in Hebrew.

Although the quote is really from the Torah, it actually doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat any fat. Healthy fats are of course needed and even meat fats are allowed. The explanation is that in Biblical Hebrew, there were two words for fat - the kind in muscles and the kind around organs. Only the latter was prohibited in a kosher diet, but the latter term has come to be the only word for fat in modern Hebrew.

The small magnet is 2"x3" and costs $3.99; the large magnet is 4"x6" and costs $7.99.

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